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Roullet & Decamps Paper-MACHE mechanical pig w/key and original box. c. 1875.

Size: 5" H x 11" L


Black child sitting on a bale of cotton. It reads on the back, "I am from Dixie Souvenir Miniature cotton bale New Orleans LA Pat applied for". American, Early 1900's.

Size: 3" H x 2 1/2 W x 2" D



Carved miniature stool with dimples around the skirting & shaped legs. English c. 1870.

Size: 6 1/2" H


Elegant  painted wooden pull toy horse. English c. 1900.

Size:  11 1/2" H x 5" D x 14" L



Two enlarged painted oversized display dice. American, Early - mid 1900's.

Sizes: 2" H x 2" D
          2 11/16" H x 2 11/16" D


Folksy carved and painted wooden horse. English c. 1890.

Size: 9" H x 7" L x 2" D



Carved wooden dancing man (jigger) with "screw-in" handle. Late 19th Century.

Size: 13" H



A good horse pull toy with good paint and model. American, Early 1900's.

Size: 9" H x 9 3/4" L x 4" D


Painted green articulated gingerbread figure pull toy ~ doubled sided. American, Late 19th Century.

Size: 18" H x 6 1/2" W


Carved & painted mechanical toy black banjo man sitting on a working music box. American, Late 19th Century.

Size: 10" H x 5 1/2" D



Rare Tramp Art child's rattle. Late 19th Century.

Size: 7 1/4" H


Four miniature horses with wheels. They were the toys of Thomas Thorpe Webster, Jr. / Pennsylvania.

Size: 4" H x 4" L x 1 1/2" D



Carved & painted articulated female doll jigger on later stand. English c. 1860.

Size: 13" H



Two carved & painted puppet heads one with a pointed hat ~ the other with a sad face. American c. 1900.

Size: 9 1/2" H, 7" H


Two diminutive well carved painted horses on base with iron wheels. American.

Size: 5 1/2" H x 5 1/2" L x 2 3/4" D and 4 3/4" H x 5" L x 2 5/8" D



Miniature open diorama -- carved & painted summer house / gazebo with flower garden, funiture, flower pots, etc. Made of different materials including wood, resin, plastic & paper. c. 1920's

Size: Various



Interesting carved jigger in original paint with fur for hair and "facet cut" glass for eyes. Early 1900's.

Size: 10" H


Carved & painted miniature pull horse toy on wooden wheels. American, Early 1900's.

Size: 4 1/2" H x 5" L x 1 3/4" D


Two great and special carved & painted pull-toy horses with horsehair mane & tail. American, Late 19th Century.

Sizes: Long mane ~ 14" H x 15 1/2" L x 5" D
          Short mane ~ 15" H x 16 1/4" L x 5 1/2" D



Whistles - carved & painted articulated figural whistles. Wales c. 1900.

Size: 7" H



Figural composite bank of famous mid-century Ventriloquist puppet ~ Charlie McCarthy Bank with the saying, "Feed me / I Save You Money" at the bottom. Condition: paint peelings. American.

Size: 9 1/2" H


Scarred from lifeware this surviving treasure articulated (head and tail moves as it rolls) pull toy horse with great old surface; some missing paint. American, 19th Century

Size: 6 3/4" H x 6" L x 2 1/2" D



Primitive painted wooden horse pull toy. c. 1930's

Size: 11" H x 12 1/2" L x 6" W



Miniature painted sideboard with two doors and a shapely apron. English c. 1860.

Size: 12" H x 5" D x 18" L



Miniature or dollhouse carved & painted hutch. c. 1900.

Size: 15" H x 7 1/4" L x 4 3/16" D



"Circus Act". Trainer with his male and female acrobats. German c. 1900.

Sizes: (Trainer) 4" H x 1/2" W, (Mice) 3" H x 1.5" W



Rare Sand Toy with Cats and Mouse as acrobat which spins around. Notice the "hand" on top which indicates the direction to turn.  English c. 1900.

Size:  7" H x 4.5" W



Charming & articulated Austrian cloth / felt doll with real leather "lederhosen".  Early 1900's.

Size:  14" H x 6.5" W



Architectural "toy" building blocks; Richter's Anchor Blocks No. 10A; of tone in three colors also known as Stone Building Boxes. Manufactured by E. AD. Richter & Co. London. In original box with brass edging. (Some chips & breaks). Late 19th Century.

Size: 1 3/4" H x 9" W x 12 3/4" L



Erzgebirge carved and painted miniature farm animals. German c. 1900.

Size: Various miniature sizes



Carved turned wood chess set. English c. 1900.

Size: 3" H x 7 1/4" L x 3 3/4" D (box)



Wooden painted checkers gamer board. c. 1900.

Size: 16" H x 14" W



Russian Parlor Bagatelle Lithograph Game Board.

Size: 23 11/16" H x 12 5/8" W x 1 1/4" D



9 top hat carved & painted decorated soldier skittles on a wooden circular base with playing ball. American, Late 19th Century.

Size: Center Skittle - 8" H, Individual Skittles - 4 1/4" H, Base - 10 3/4" D


Painted Papier-mâché rabbit candy container German c. 1900.

Size: 8" H


Set of 3 Erzgebirge carved & painted soldiers. German c. 1860.

Size: 2 soldiers w/guns 7" H, 1 soldier w/drum 6" H



Christening / Baby Gift cardboard & paper toy box. Pull-tab reveals baby doll & "I gratulate you" pop-out. English c. 1900.

Size: 5 1/4" H x 3" W x 1 1/4" D



Charming folky painted doll house cupboard with the use of spools, picture frame, etc. & notice the lace painted windows. The house name, "Swiss Cottage". English c. 1870.

Size: 28" H x 10' W x 9 1/2' D


Unusual round wooden game board with colorful numbered metal insert and sturdy back. English c. 1890.

Size: 13 1/4" H x 24" L x 4 1/2" D


Painted target / toss game board with strong colors & design. The circles are graduated toward the center pole. Early 1900's.

Size: 18 3/4" H x 18 3/4" W


Unusual pull toy horse with wheels on his hoofs / legs. Carved & painted speckled with leather saddle, bridle, etc. German, 19th  Century.

Size: 7 1/2" H x 7 1/2" L x 3 1/2" D



Pair of rare papier-mâché pull-toy cows with bells.Tyrolean c. 1880.

Size: 8 1/2" H x 9 5/8" L



A wooden articulated standing doll (reminds one of the "dancing baby"). Hands restored. American, Mid-Century.

Size: 13" H


This uneven naive checkerboard in bright red and black creates an optic illusion like modern art does. American, 19th Century.

Size: 16" H x 15 1/4" W



Bone Domino Game lodged inside an exquisitely carved Dutch shoe form also inlaid with hearts and star. English, Mid-19th Century.

Size: 2 5/16" H x 10 1/2" L x 2 3/16" D



Painted black & white wood checker / game board; double-sided. Early 20th Century.

Size: 19" H x 15" W


"Be-Bop Jigger" The Jivin Jigger ~ "Watch this boy jump with joy!" Tin & plastic windup toy with the Original Box! Manufactor : Louis Marx & Co., Inc. 200 Fifth Avenue, NY, NY.

Size: Jigger ONLY ~ 9 1/2" H includes base



English "bingo callers" board. c. 1900.

Size: 15" H x 15" W



Round game board carved & painted with clock face, indentations to house large round stone marbles. c. 1900's.

Size: 10 5/8" D



Carnival game wheel. American c. 1920.

Size: 25" D



Painted Papier-Mâché & wooden legs horse pull toy. American, Early 1900's.

Size: 11" H x 9 1/2" L x 3" D


Cute "Jack-in-the-box" Rabbit.

Size: 4 1/2" H x 4 3/16"W x 4 3/16" D


Carved & painted horse racing game. American, 1930's.


Polychrome decorated Parcheesi game board. American c. 1900.

Size: 17" H x 16 1/2" W


Green / Teal checkerboard with a backside of peg board. American c. 1870.

Size: 16 3/4" H x 17 1/4" W x 1" D



Articulated mannequin. French, Early 20th Century.

Size: 17" H


Painted Parcheesi game board with reverse black / white checker board. American, Early 1900's.

Size: 26" H x 18 3/4" W x 3 /4" D


Whimsical old-fashioned faux camera box opens to reveal a jumping pop-out nose & face. c. 1910.

Size: 5 1/4" H x 7 1/2" W x 5 1/2" D



An interesting Abacus & ABC learning tool toy with ABC letters on each end. Early 1900's.

Size: 5 3/4" H x 4" D



Great deep green & black checker board with cream/yellow lines & nice frame. American c. 1870.

Size: 19" H x 19 1/8" W x 1 1/2" D



Large game board with star (Chinese Checkers). American, Early 1900's.

Size: 19 1/8" H x 18 1/2" W x 1" D


Polychrome painted wood croquet set ~ consist of 6 mallets, 6 balls, 9 wickets & 2 sticks. American c. 1900.

Size: 23" H x 19" L x 6" D


Nice large checkers board game with nice surface & painted on the other side, primitive yet charming green, cream & red game. (See photo's). American, Late 19th Century.

Size: 18 1/4" H x 18 3/4" W


Whimsical colored dots surrounds the boarder of this red & black checkered board. American c. 1900.

Size: 19" H x 14 1/4" W x 1" D


Bright yellow background on this red & black checkerboard (possibly old repaint). American, Early 1900's.

Size: 19 1/4" H x 15 3/4" W x 1/2" D



Faux Pietre Dure Mosaic on this table-top (now wall hanging) with an American shield painted in the center. American, 19th Century.

Size: 20 1/2" H x 25 1/2" W x 1 1/16" D


Special carved bone pins with hands, etc. with this game box including cribbage board, two decks of cards (box is heavily geometrically inlaid). American c. 1900.

Size: 2 1/4" H x 14" L x 4" D


Double-sided black & red painted game board with crusty surface. American.

Size: 28" H x 19" W



Sunburst design around this colorful Eglomise (reverse painting) checkerboard with a tartan background.

Size: 23 1/2" H x 18" W



Metal & wood child's graphic seesaw. American c. 1920.

Size: 86" L


Painted double-sided game board Hayes & Wheeler (presidential campaign) dated 1876. American.

Size: 19 1/4" H x 19 1/4" W x 1 3/4" D


Tumbling Toy Ladder. The ladder is with two whimsical "acrobat" figures (in old paint) that when placed at the top of the ladder tumble head-over-heels down the ladder. Late 19th Century.

Size: 23" H


Round game board ~ Derby Horse Race tin litho by Jeanette Toy & Novelty Company founded 1898 Pennsylvania. Early 1900's.

Size: 10 1/2" D



"Running Pig" toy by Roullet & Decamps with original key papier-mâché & leather. French, Late 19th Century.

Size: 5" H x 10 1/2" L x 2 1/4" D



Set of painted 10 skittles decorated with American Indian portraits & with 3 matching balls.

Size: 10" H



Miniature Erzgebirge painted wooden wedding scene party. German, Late 19th Century.

Size: Avg. 1 1/2" - 2" H


Painted circular round checker board (table top). American c. 1850.

Size: 20 1/2" D




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