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 A carved detailed house tea caddy that tells a story… "the rabbit delivering a letter to the fox". Swiss, Late 19th Century.

Size:  9" H x 6 1/2" W x 6" D



Dog with Bone.  Small carved box with glass eyes. Swiss, Late 19th Century.

Size:  3 1/2" H x 2 1/2" W

 BF-0715A Monkey visiting a cat house an amusing Tobacco Box. (The door swings open). Swiss, Late 19th Century.

Size: 7 1/2" H x 8" L

 CO-0015A decanter box shaped as a pile of books with two decanters and glasses.  French, Mid-19th Century.

Size:  7" x 11" (approx.)

  CO-0021Heart shaped straw-work love token box. French c. 1900.

Size:  3 1/2

  Carved wood heart shaped box; a valentine or snuff box.  English c. 1860.

Size:  3 1/2" L

 Exquisite Arts & Craft carved lattice-top box.  English c. 1900.

Size:  2.5" H x 9 3/4" W x 6 3/4" D

 CO-0086Erotic insert in this "innocent looking" painted box tôle box. Please look at these pictures.  German c. 1850.

Size:  4.5" H x 3" W

CO-0093Rare box (lap desk) with a writing slope, made by J. W. Tallen (signed) possibly for George Chatterton.  English, dated 1851.

Size:  7 1/2" H x 13 1/2" D x 18 1/2" L

  Love Token Scandinavian book box. Decorated and chip-carved. c. 1800.

Size:  4 3/4"x 2 1/2" x 1 1/2"

  CO-0233Round snuff box with Greek key carved decorations.  English c. 1850.

Size:  3 3/4" D

 CO-0280A box in a shape of a miniature slant-front desk.  English c. 1860.

Size:  6" H

  CO-0290Carved wooden box with the initials J.R. in brass and surrounded by a brass-plate design.   English c. 1860.

Size:  2 1/4" H x 5 1/2" L x 3 1/4" D


Elegant carved oversized Victorian Shoe Bank on a base with colored-stain & shapely base. English c. 1880.

Size:  6" H x 8" L x 4" D

  Snuff shoe box/valentine with piquet work spelling the word “LOVE”.  Welch c. 1830

Size:  2" H x 4" L

 Rare tortoiseshell " Love Token" hinged box with silver piquet decorations. English c. 1730

Size: 1/2" H x 2" W x  2 1/4" L

  Wooden Book Box with a religious cross and slide-out compartment.  English c. 1870.

Size:  3 1/2" H x 2 1/2" W


Rare miniature chest of drawers with Marquetry turnbridge inlay. "Tumbling Dice" decoration all over. English c. 1850.

Size:  15" H x 13" W x 8" D

  CO-0503Brass and copper book box.  English c. 1900.

Size:  8" H x 5 1/2" W x 2 7/8" D


Heart shaped "love token" box inlaid & carved with symbols and inscribed inside "To Her I love"  English c. 1840.

Size:  1 1/2" H x 3 1/2" L x 3" W

 Wonderful English letter box in burled wood with an ivory plaque that reads, "General Post" and a glass front window.  c. 1870.

Size:  5 1/4" H x 9" L x 5 1/4" D

 American elaborately inlaid valuable's box with basket of flowers & continuous diamond & geometric motifs. Late 19th Century.

Size: 5 1/2" H x 12 3/4" L x 8 1/2" D


Chinese export gilt decorated black lacquer rectangular writing box. The sides depicting buildings in river landscape views within palm frond & guilloches borders, on leaf-capped ball feet. Chinese, Late 19th Century.

Size: 4 1/2" H x 11" L x 6 1/2" D

 CO-0657A trick miniature faux chest-of-draws bank box. English c. 1850.

Size: 5 1/2" H x 3 1/2" W x 4" D

 Painted "crusty" old Church Box - Weekly Offerings. English c. 1850.

Size:  3 1/2" H x 6 1/4" L x 3 1/4" D

 CO-0711Diminutive Burl book box. American, Late 19th Century.

Size: 2 1/4"H x 2 1/4" W x
3/4" D


Charming & folksy carved mostly from one piece of wood is this bank with Mother of Pearl inlay. English c. 1840.

Size: 8" H x 6 1/2" L x 3" D

 Inlaid wood tea caddy with a heart motif, rounded corners & wooden feet ~ Mrs. Baird's Tea Chest. Scottish c. 1850.

Size: 4 1/2" H x 7" L x 4" D

 Elegant & alluring with gilt rolled paper early tea caddy with ivory escutcheon & knob.  English c. 1790.

Size: 5" H x 7" L x 4" D

 CO-0724Large early snuff box carved as a frog with a human face. English c. 1830.

Size: 1 1/2" H x 5" L

 CO-0726Nice inlaid book box with a drawer.  English c. 1870.

Size: 2 1/2" H x 10" L x 6 1/2" W

 CO-0735A carved horn snuff box in the form of a book engraved with compass and hearts. English c. 1830.

Size: 3/4" H x 3 3/8" L x 2" W

 CO-0741Carved wood little box shaped as an elephant with ivory tusks & glass eyes. English c. 1880.

Size: 2" H x 3 1/2" L x 1 1/2" D

 CO-0747Double-sided silver plated early snuff box with pleasing repousse on both sides and double hinged covers (repair to hinge). Dutch c. 1800.

Size: 3/4" H x 2 1/2" W x 1 3/4" D

 CO-0772Copper heart shaped box / love token.  English c. 1860.

Size: 1" h x 3" L x 2 3/4" D

 CO-0781Copper heart-shaped snuff box love token. American, Early 1900's.

Size: 3/4" H x 2" L x 2 1/8" D


Painted sweet log cabin trinket / jewelry box with inside mirror. American, 19th Century.

Size: 7 1/2" H x 7 1/2" W x 5 1/2" D


 FA-0168Inlaid valuables box with star and geometric motifs with green felt inside. American, Late 19th Century

Size: 6 1/2" H x 13" L x 9" D

 FA-0167Lovely Federal inlaid box with (key inc.) various woods including piqued maple & mahogany. Bowed top inlay with a snail. Both sides inlaid with a bird.  American, Early 19th Century.

Size: 5" H x 14 1/2" L x 10" D

  Inlaid valuables box with star and geometric motifs with inside mirror and tray and pin cushion.  American, Late 19th Century.

Size: 5" H x 11" L x 7 1/2" D

 FA-0171Nautical motif dovetailed box probably sailors work with hearts and pinwheels. American, Late 19th Century.

Size: 10" H x 7" W x 2" D

FA-0174Book form document box with inlaid shield and diamond motifs. American c. 1860.

Size: 10" H x 7" W x 2" D

 FA-0187Small chip carved box with geometrical designs. English c. 1790.

Size: 1 1/2" H x 3 1/2" L x 2 5/8" D

  Book box with inlaid hearts on front, back has an inlaid diamond shape. American, Late 19th Century.

Size: 9 3/16" H x 5 3/4" W x 1 3/8" D

 FA-0241Wood skull shaped money box (European Wooden Skull Money Box). c. 1890.

Size: 2" H x 2 1/2" L

 Carved with nice details town hall house / church with clock, shingles & chimneys. Was used as a bank. English c. 1890.

Size: 10" H x 9" W x 6 1/2" D

 "The mysteries of Paris".  Shaped like a stack of books on a stand.  This box can act as a small coffee table.  Inside there is a candle draw made out of papier-mâché and wood.  French, Late 19th Century.

Size:  19" H x 17.5" L x 13.5" W

 FA-0334Well carved hand shaped box / snuff with twist bottom bone decoration lid. English c. 1850.

Size: 2 1/2" H

 FA-0419Folksy heart shaped bank. American c. 1920.

Size: 2 1/2" H x 3 1/4" D

  FA-0425Small carved heart shaped box. American, Late 19th Century.

Size: 2 1/2 " H

  GT-0014"Doll's Bank". Shaped as a letter box. Painted metal and brass.  English c. 1890.

Size:  6" H

  GT-0023Bank/money box (MacLachlin ware) shaped as a house.  Scottish, Late 19th Century.

Size:  3" H x 3.5" W

 GT-0114Wooden magician's box for magic tricks.  English, Late 19th Century.

Size:  4 1/2" H x 4" D x 7 3/4" L

   GT-0143A faux money bank in the form of a "wall clock" design done in wood covered in printed paper.  English c. 1860.

Size:  6" H

 The largest ship snuff box I've ever seen. Boxwood carved & with great pen work with "Warrior" written on back of the boat. Condition -- is good, it is slightly worn as appropriate with the age.  English, Early 19th Century.

Size:  2 3/4" H x 6" L

 NA-0150Small nautical box in good color & surface. The top is carved with anchor & rope. English c. 1900.

Size: 3 3/4" H x 7 1/2" L x 4 1/4" D

    NA-0164Superb valentine large wooden heart-shaped box open to reveal inserted glass & shells that reads, "Anne, My Love".  American, Early 1900's.

Size: 8 1/2" D

 Painted tôleware tea caddy with faux marble decoration. English c. 1770.

Size: 4 3/4" H x 4 1/2" L x 3" D

 PO-0117Rare confectionary / biscuit tin shaped as a faux writing box by Steward & Young. English c. 1910.

Size: 4" H x 9 1/4" L x 5 1/4" D




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