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 AP-0052A painted mushroom pitcher.  French c. 1900.

Size:  4 1/2" W x 6 1/4" D

  AP-0303Painted Chalkware bowl of fruit. American, 1920's ~ 30"s.

Size: 4" H x 10" D

   AP-0320Creamware food mould with flowers in a shaped basket. English c. 1820.

Size: 6" H x 41/2" W


  Salt glaze fish flask. English c. 1850.

Size: 6" H  x 11" L

  AP-0329Two WINE BOTTLE dug out in Norfolk, England with wonderful iridescent on the glass. c. 1810

Size: 9" H, 6"H

    AP-0363Colorful charger "Tongue Dish" by Claremont Burleigh Ware. English c. 1900.

Size: 10" D

  AP-0381Rare pair of hand potted terracotta strawberry pots. English c. 1910.

Size: 17" H (each)

   Rare six glass faux fruit. English, Late 19th Century.

Size: Various

   CO-0548French embossed leather box (with folklore black people playing cards) picnic set with folding cup and cutlery. c. 1880.

Size:  1 1/2" H x 5 3/16" L x 2" D

    CO-0611Large carved early drinking vessel. Scottish c. 1880.

Size: 3 1/2" H x 13" L x 8" D

   CO-0635American forged wrought iron heart-shaped trivet. Late 19th Century.

Size: 2" H x 8" L x 5 1/4" D

  A collection of American forged wrought iron heart-shaped trivets. Mid-19th Century.
     CO-0640Wrought-iron heart shaped footed trivet. American, Late 19th Century.

Size: 1 1/2" H x 6" L x 4 3/4" W

   CO-0681Copper & silver loving cup by Graff, Washbourne & Dunn. American c. 1900.

Size: 6" H x 7" W x 4" D

  CO-0689 4-tiered & pierced tin curd cheese mold. English c. 1790.

Size: 6" H x 6 3/4" L x 4" D

   CO-0690Chopper / clever with unusual shape steel blade & elegant handle.   English c. 1840.

Size: 4" H x 10" L

  CO-0697Rare carved boxwood nutcracker. English c. 1900.

Size: 8" H

  CO-0568Antique tôle green painted tea canister with original paint ~ Young's Choice Blends (some of the bottom eroded see picture); Parnall & Sons Manufacturers (stamp on back see picture). English c. 1860.

Size: 15" H

    CO-0705Miniature Bone spoon / love token with a heart motif and the initials JT. English c. 1820.

Size: 3" L

    CO-0727Wooden toddy / love spoon inscribed with Rev. W. P. BroomTree. Welsh c. 1840.

Size: 12 1/2" L

  CO-0751Fine pierced early oval brass basket. English c. 1830.

Size: 4 1/2" H x 14 1/4" L x 10" W

  CO-0764Painted tole food warmer with decorative piercing and wooden handles and internal tray / stainer. French c. 1820.

Size: 3 1/2" H x 16 1/2" L x 8 1/2" D

  FA-0019Sweet small child's basket, partially painted in old Georgina  blue color.  English, Late 19th Century.

Size:  7" H

 FA-0165Nice and heavy cutlery tray with a pierced heart handle. American, 19th Century.

Size: 5" H x 13" L x 7 3/4" D


Cherry dovetailed and footed cutlery tray with scroll work handle. American, Late 19th Century.

Size: 8" H x 13 3/4" L x 9" W.

  FA-0177Charming painted "botanical" paneled hinged box on legs. English c. 1860.

Size: 8 1/2" H x 18 1/2" L x 13" D

    FA-0276A nice design on this Native American Pima basket. This attractive basket has a slightly flared cylindrical form with a repeated cross design. The Pima wove baskets out of split and sized willow shoots and split devils claw seedpod. They wove on a grass bundle foundation which yielded a flatter coil and a slightly flexible basket.  Early 1900's.

Size: 6 1/2" H x 10 1/2" D

   FA-0280Nice brown stain on this American melon form basket. Early 1900's.

Size: 15" H x 15" D=

    FA-0335A collection of wax & composite fruit & veggies. Late 19th Century.

Size: Various

   FA-0377Folksy "valentine" large carved spoon with dachshund & other carved animal with CAMILLA carved underneath.

Size: 14" L

   A Scandinavian wooden serving fish board with a carved fish and 3-feet on the base to hang. c. 1900.

Size: 19" L x 6" D

   Composite on a wooden base with original paper labels. Done for teaching. English, Early 1900's.

Average Size: 5" H x 6 1/4" L x 4 1/2" D

   FA-0418Large carved salmon trophy, found in NY State probably carved in Voss, Norway for an American fisherman. Late 19th Century.

Size: 17" H x 48 1/2" L

   FA-0460Treen cheese mold. Scandinavian, 19th Century.

Size: 6" H x 6 1/8" L x 3" D

 Well carved & painted character nutcracker. German, Late 19th Century.

Size: 10" H

    FO-0099Pair of painted tôle Shop Display urns for fruit. Crafted and signed on the back by Rudduck & Co. English c. 1900.

Size: 9" H x 12" L x 8 1/2" D

 FO-0334Wonderfully carved & painted (probably Pennsylvania) spice chest with tin drawers. American.

Size: 12 1/2" H x 7 1/2" W x 3" D

     GO-0028Small tôle veggie / fruit shop sign with iron stake, "Try This" English, Late 19th Century.

Size: 2 1/2" H x 6 3/4" L

   Unusual & bold large hollow metal ANCHOR possibly a cake mould or a sign. American, 19th Century.

Size: 24" H x 18" W x 2" D

   PO-0017"Still Life", painted Papier-mâché

Stamped ~ GDS Magasins du Louvre, Paris ~ Galeries du Louvre, a department store in Paris, France, was founded in 1855 French c. 1900.

Size: 17" H x 13 " W

    PO-0066A child's painted tin mug ~ "From Papa". American, Late 19th Century.

Size: 2" H x 3" D




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